The list is far from comprehensive because many schools, like Harvard, Yale and.

An occupation in web design and development is one of the best-paid and most flexible work-from-home career options for people with only a high school diploma.

. Most non-prior service candidates will earn between $200 and $250 per drill weekend, subject to change.

Technical majors have the highest starting salaries with an average of around $80,000.


An Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) curriculum. . This is a decrease from.

The median earnings of those who completed high school were 23 percent higher than the earnings of those who completed less than high school ($29,800).

The. , Class of 2014 college graduates at the bachelor’s degree level commanded an average (mean) starting salary of $48,127, up 5. Average Annual Salary: $61,000.

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Individuals who have only a high school diploma had a median weekly income of $730 as of 2018, according to the BLS.


Overall, job prospects look good for the class of 2023. .

Average Annual Salary: $61,000. .

Just over 82 percent of the students who were high-school.
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Aug 22, 2019 · Average Starting Salary for Recent College Grads Hovers Near $51,000.

The highest degree level is the doctorate, which requires a substantial time investment, but can see a median weekly income of $1,825 for standard doctoral degrees and $1,884 for professional doctorates as of 2018. 72 percent); and; an associate’s degree (69 vs. .

The median income of individuals with college degrees is higher. 0 percent for those whose highest level of education was a high school diploma. 626. 000 a year) available requiring no formal education apart from a high school diploma. . .

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Sep 8, 2022 · National Unemployment Rate ;. Class of 2021 graduates earning degrees in the computer sciences field are one exception to the small increases in starting salary projections.

Workers with graduate degrees (master's, professional, and doctoral degrees) had the highest earnings and lowest unemployment rates.

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5 percent, compared with 9.

High school diploma: $809: $42,068: 6.