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Flathead catfish reach a length of 3 to 4 feet (0.


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. The chart below shows the range of low and high temperatures by day for the month of January in Flathead Lake. .

USGS. 99° C.

1°F, and in autumn it is 52.

32° C.

USGS. Water temperature range by day in May in Flathead Lake.

. As a matter of fact, Flathead Lake only freezes over every ten.

Water temperatures for May in Flathead Lake in recent years.
August is the hottest month for Flathead County with an average high temperature of 79.

52° F) lowest: 9.

38° C: 2: 0° C:.

"Climate change has a pretty big impact on temperatures in this area and over the next 100 years, air temperatures are set to increase anywhere between 4 and. The average water temperature in Flathead Lake in winter reaches 36. Prior to this, FLBS scientists documented that the lake reached 80% ice coverage in January 1997 and 90% ice coverage in March 1993.

Mostly clear. 8°F. The average, high, and low temperatures below should help you if you can swim in the water in Flathead Lake in August. As one of the cleanest in the world, Flathead Lake is perfect for OPEN WATER SWIMMING! No sharks, no jellyfish, and no lane lanes, just clear, clean, and. n/a.


38° F) highest: 14. 18° C (57.

----- Table 2 Flathead Lake water Chemistry Forty Year Span Potter Howard 1929 & Baker 1961 Morgan 1967 Morgan 1968 I lorgan 1969 Aluminum 9.

The area of the basin drained through Flathead Lake, chiefly by Flathead River and its three forks, is 18,000 sq.

16 hours ago · Forecast Summary: May 24 – May 30: Continued warm weather in the upcoming week will keep water temperatures rising for Chesapeake Bay gamefish.


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